To run, maintain, manage and carry on the above association for the welfare and benefit of the people.

To arrange and organize social welfare activities, recreation, etc.

To arrange for free distribution of essential requirements to the poor & helpless including students, disabled children and orphans.

To acquire, establish, start, aid, run, maintain or manage primary schools, libraries.

To arrange and organize lectures, debates, discussions, seminars & excursions for spread of knowledge.

To publish useful literature, papers, magazines, books etc. without any profit motive.

To study, cultivate and demonstrate the art of music and dance.

To promote and encourage advancement of library, cultural, political, religious, scientific and technical education.

To help the needy students of all communities for the perusal of studies.

To help the aged, sick, helpless and indigent persons.

To alleviate the sufferings of animals, or other living creatures as may be deemed appropriate.

To engage and assist in such other philanthropic activities as may be deemed appropriate by the Governing Body of the society.

To construct, maintain, improve, develop and alter any buildings, houses or other works necessary or convenient for the use of society.

To do all such acts, deeds, matters and things as may be deemed incidental or conducive to the foregoing objects.

To keep close and good relation among the members of the society for their welfare.

To protect the interests of the members of the society from forced collection of any type of subscriptions and unnecessary harassment from any

To take up and handle the problems of the members and to try to solve such problems through discussion.

To help the needy members in case of sickness, accidents and death of such members.

To improve the economic and social standard of the economically backward people of the locality.

To open charitable dispensaries, blood donation centre and centres for prevention of pollution etc.
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