AILA synonymous with despair, devastation, human disaster and negligence gave birth to OUR welfare organization in the form of NISHSHABD ANGEEKAR WELFARE ASSOCIATION with the silent promise to help the people at fringe of our society. It was another organization definitely, but unique one in the sense that , this got initiated by a group of doctors of Kolkata – city of cultural ethnicity and joy.

The first General Body Meeting held on 10th June, 2009 unanimously formed the Governing Body of the association.

Money started pouring from the pockets of the members who silently started their activities in the AILA-ravaged areas which had been abandoned by the other welfare organizations after the media coverage got dried. The news spread among other professionals and people from all walks of life. They too wanted to be part of the silent benevolent activity and became members and contributed generously. As the momentum gathered more strength, professionals even from outside the state of West Bengal joined us. All with one purpose:

“How can we help NAWA to help others”.


In the first year, regular free Medical camps free Medical camps were organized at different places including the interior villages of Sunderbans with distribution of medicines and other articles. The senior and junior doctors and members of Kolkata braved all odds to reach the poorest and needy.


Blankets were distributed to the old and needy at several slums of Kolkata as well as interior parts of rural Bengal, during peak winter in the month of December & January 2009, 2010 & 2011, Winter garments to the inmates of Adarsha Vidyapith Hostel , Purba Madhya Gurguria, Kultali, South 24pgs. Our dedicated team left their cozy homes and reached the shivering road-side dwellers on the footpaths & railway stations at the dead of night and put blankets over them in 2010 and 2011.


It was thought prudent to present our stocks to all the members and offer our heart-felt thanks to those contributors who had been our strength to perform such audacious works for the needy. And thus, the 1st & 2nd Foundation day celebration were organised on 10th June 2010 & 2011 with cultural programme. Eminent artists performed and eminent celebrities from different walks of life graced the occasion with their blessings.


As NAWA was going forward with its now-usual activities, some other thoughts crossed the minds of the members. The thoughts were like this: is it worthwhile to pursue such short term works which in the long run cannot elevate the status of the people who are battered by nature and human counterpart. So the next proposition was: to attempt for their elevation in terms of education and health.

Though our field of works spanned over the whole state of West Bengal, but for the last 2 years we concentrated our works mostly at
Madhya Purba Gurguria, Kultali, South 24 Parganas, an interior location at the Sundarbans and focused at Higher Secondary School named Adarsha Vidyapith . We organised several medical camps for all related to this school and local villagers and offered medical treatment and free medicines .We offered Antihelminthic therapy and nutritional supplements (Vitamins, Iron therapy) and distributed educational aids
(Geometry boxes, exercise books , pens etc.)
to all the students of this school. School uniforms & blankets were distributed to the boy and girl students of class IX. Several sports equipment ( eg. football , volley ball , cricket bat and accessories , carom board ) were donated to this school for the physical upliftment of the students. Few industrial geometry boxes and dissection boxes were also donated to the school for the teachers.

  This kind of thought is though not unusual but definitely a flow against the usual types of NGO activities. And we indulgingly put a short name NAWA to NISHSHABD ANGEEKAR WELFARE ASSOCIATION in the 2nd year itself. And thus NAWA EDUCATIONAL FUND was generated. This fund has already disbursed scholarships to meritorious but needy students of different districts of West Bengal.

We published
BRIGHT,  the souvenir-cum- magazine of our society getting contributions from different quarters including reputed men of literature, social activists, poets, doctors and small children with wide minds.

We are trying our utter most to make our earth a better place to live , where all enjoy dignity, flourish in health and walk without fear.

Though we are working silently (Nishshabd) for a better cause and better tomorrow, we thought it just to share with you all about what we are doing as your moral and financial supports are the wheels of our vehicle of charity.

We are committed

If You have the means to provide us the required support

We want to be your genuine partners in this vast works





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